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how can concatenate the set variable in a for loop to be use as name in an input to get the value?

var k=0;
var counter = 50;

    for(k=0; k<=counter; k++){
        var choices = $('input[name=choices'+ k]).val();
        var choices = choices.replace(/\ /g, '%');
        var choices_ = choices_ +";"+ choices;

there are multiple input field namely choices1,choices2 and so on. how can i get the value of those fields using for loop? how can i concatenate the name choices and the variable k? can you help me solve this problem??

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I don't understand what you're trying to achieve with choices = choices +";"+ choices –  Miszy Apr 19 '12 at 6:55

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You could always just iterate using a specialized attribute selector and .each():

var choices = $('input[name^="choices"]'),  // name starts with "choices"
    choices_val = []                        // an array!

choices.each(function () {
    choices_val.push($(this).val().replace(/\ /g, '%'));


It saves you the overhead (and headache) of having to pick out and mangle a specific attribute value (choices1, choices2, etc) and having to select it out via selector ('cause I'd think that selecting via $(this) is faster than $('input[name="choices1"]')).

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You're declaring choices three times, which is invalid and will lead to many errors.

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the error is in line var choices = $('input[name=choices'+ k]).val(); –  123 Apr 19 '12 at 6:55
You're missing some quotes there. $('input[name="choices' + k + '"]').val() –  elclanrs Apr 19 '12 at 6:57

You use each in jQuery, it's identical as for loop.

Say for example you have this HTML:

​<input type ="text" name="field1" value="Alpha" />
<input type ="text" name="field2" value="Bravo" />
<input type ="text" name="field3" value="Charlie" />​

And here is the js file:

var k = 1;
$('input').each(function(e) {
    alert('choices' + k + '=' + $(this).val());

Demo here. Hope it helps.

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$('input[name=choices'+ k +']').val();

you just forget to put another + sign and single quote.

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I think you missed 2 quotes and a +.

$('input[name=choices' + k + ']').val();

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add quotes

    var choices = $('input[name=choices'+ k + ']').val();

use css selector


jQuery.fn.myFunction = function()

        var choices = $(this).val();
        var choices = choices.replace(/\ /g, '%');
        var choices_ = choices_ +";"+ choices;
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