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I am new to web services and I want to make a RESTful web service, and connect it to an Android application. I would like the steps or a tutorial on how to do this.

I started to create my service using this link This link gives steps to create web service but I can't get why it is using entity classes (customer , DicountCode) from an existing database. What are these classes for?

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Since you are new to this zone, make sure you check out previous answers to similar questions. However you can find a tutorial to access webservices from android here and a question similar to yours was answered on stackoverflow here.

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you can try it to connect and parse automatically your web service

SampleService srv1 = new SampleService();
     req = new Request();                     
     req.companyId = "1";
     req.userName = "userName";                                     
     req.password = "pas";
     Response response =    srv1.ServiceSample(req);
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This site is great! Thanks for the reference. – Brian Tacker Feb 5 '13 at 14:25

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