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getSimpleJdbcTemplate().query(sql, getMapper()); returns List, but I need a Map where key will be store data of one of the field of object. For example, I have object named "Currency" which has fields: id, code, name, etc. Code above will return List object, but I want to get currency by id from Map. Now, I wrote the following code:

public Map<Integer, Currency> listCurrencies() {
    String sql = "select cur_id, cur_code, cur_name ... from currencies";

    List<Currency> currencies = getSimpleJdbcTemplate().query(sql, getMapper());
    Map<Integer, Currency> map = new HashMap<Integer, Currency>(currencies.size());

    for (Currency currency : currencies) {
        map.put(currency.getId(), currency);

    return map;

Are there any way to do same but without creating List object and looping inside it?

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You have ResultSetExtractor for extracting values from the ResultSet. So in your case you can write a custom ResultSetExtractor which will return you the Map object.

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