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I have to pass the user name from one report to another report in ABAP.

I am using the following code.

   SUBMIT zpgm_to WITH fld_pgm2 eq fld_pgm1 .

'zpgm_to ' is the report to where i have to pass the value.

'fld_pgm2' is the field in report zpgm_to .

'fld_pgm1' is the field in report zpgm_from which contains the value to be passed.

While i am using debugging i found that the value is not passing to the zpgm_to report. I could not find where i had done the mistake. If anyone cross this issue before, pls do the needful.

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looks about right. Are you sure the report doesn't set default values during parameter declaration? – Dirk Trilsbeek Apr 19 '12 at 8:28
hi GarlandGreene, i declared the fld_pgm2 as data. So only i didnt set. Since it didnt throw exception, i didnt note that. Now after changing into parameter its working fine. Thanks. – Dhivya Apr 20 '12 at 6:05
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I can' t see a problem in your example code.

If you have a typo in fld_pgm2 and you use an undefined parameter, the syntax check does not report an error.

Please try the extended syntax check:

  1. Program->Check->Extended Syntax Check
  2. Check if External program interfaces is checked.
  3. Run the check. If there is a typo, you get an error ___ is not a parameter or a select option in report ___
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hi kunt, I didnt declare fld_pgm2 as parameter that was a problem. Now corrected that. Thanks for ur reply. – Dhivya Apr 20 '12 at 6:02

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