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Are there any good free programs for curve fitting out there? I have MATLAB and Mathematica, but I don't have MATLAB's extra toolkits. I want to fit a function of this form: (K*(c)^a)/x where K,c,a are constants and x is the variable.

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Maple can do what you need, it has a large number of extra packages that come with it as well. – RJ Hill Apr 19 '12 at 7:26
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Mathematica has a function called FindFit. You can perform a fit for a function as I described in the following way:

data = Import["data.csv"];
f1 = FindFit[data, (k*(0.4*^-3)^a)/x, {k, a}, x, NormFunction -> (Norm[#, 1] &)]
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With both Matlab and Mathematica, you can easily perform curve fitting, without any additional toolkits.

Otherwise, you may look at numpy/scipy, it's quite good for that kind of stuff. Lastly, there are several "clones" of Matlab which you may google, QtOctave comes to my mind.

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