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I'm unable to alert the model value from the router when I visited/navigated to the 'entries/:id' url. But in the console log i can see the variable with a correct attribute & value. I had tested to fetch the data at my chrome console & it works just fine.

inside my router:

class Raffler.Routers.Entries extends Backbone.Router
    '': 'index'
    'entries/:id': 'show'

  initialize: ->
    @collection = new Raffler.Collections.Entries()
    @collection.reset($('#container').data 'entries')

  index: ->
    view = new Raffler.Views.EntriesIndex(collection: @collection)

  show: (id) ->
    entry = new Raffler.Models.Entry({id: id})
    alert entry.get('name')
    console.log(entry.attributes + " haha")
    viewsangat = new Raffler.Views.Page({model: entry})

inside my model:

class Raffler.Models.Entry extends Backbone.Model
  urlRoot: '/api/entries'

  win: ->
    @set(winner: true)

Solution: I found out that the value from fetch will only available during/after on success event and therefor if we tries to use get at the next line, it will probably doesn't return the value as expected.

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Some consoles will show you the value of the object after the fetch. Either way, the issue is that a fetch() is asynchronous.

entry = new Raffler.Models.Entry({id: id})
entry.fetch()  #HERE IS YOUR ISSUE
alert entry.get('name')  #fetch has not yet returned

Try the following:

entry = new Raffler.Models.Entry({id: id})
entry.fetch()  #HERE IS YOUR ISSUE
entry.on("reset") ->
  alert(entry.get('name'))  #fetch has not yet returned

If that doesn't work, change "reset" to "change".

Here you are using the on event binding for fetch on a model.

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I prefer to use the success callback.. –  Ya'kob Al-Jarumi Apr 25 '12 at 9:26
That is not the recommended way, but it will work. The reason for event binding is, what if you have multiple things listening for a change on a model/collection? The success callback can't trigger them all, and if you do, you will end up with spaghetti code. –  Gazler Apr 25 '12 at 9:29

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