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I have the following Project Structure

   src/  # src-files for the app
 test/ # unit-tests

When I want to run my Unit-Tests, e.g. org.myapp.test.main.MainTestSuite, IntelliJ always tries to compile all the packages in the whole project.

I want to prevent this, because I am currently developing on a part of my app and still want to run the Unit-Tests on other parts of the app.

Is there a way to prevent IntelliJ from compiling the whole project before running the Unit-Tests?

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When you run a test in IntelliJ you'll see it adds a run target for that test, see Run -> Edit Configurations under the JUnit section.

If you look at the run target for the test you'll see there's a Before Launch section that by default has Make selected. If you unselect Make IntelliJ won't make/compile before the test is run.

Remember to save the run target as IntelliJ creates new ones as you run different tests.

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After you remove Make click the plus sign, and you will want to select Make no error checks that way the dependencies will still be made but errors will not fail your build. – Noah Herron Aug 18 '15 at 14:29

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