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I would like to use the "Using" element in my *.csdl in order to import a other namespace, and use POCO to transform the objects.

I use a CSDL looks like this:

<Schema xmlns=""
          Namespace="BooksModel" Alias="Self">

    <Using Namespace="BooksModel.Extended" Alias="BMExt" />

    <EntityContainer Name="BooksContainer" >
      <EntitySet Name="Publishers" EntityType="BooksModel.Publisher" />

    <EntityType Name="Publisher">
        <PropertyRef Name="Id" />
      <Property Type="Int32" Name="Id" Nullable="false" />
      <Property Type="String" Name="Name" Nullable="false" />
      <Property Type="BMExt.Address" Name="Address" Nullable="false" />



However when I use a template (POCO) in order to transform my CSDL, the run tool throw an error of transformation:

Running transformation: No schema encountered with 'BooksModel.Extended' namespace. Make sure the namespace is correct or the schema defining the namespace is specified.

Running transformation: Unknown namespace or alias (BooksModel.Extended).

I load my CSDL like this:

var inputFile = @"CSDL_NAME.csdl";
var ItemCollection = loader.CreateEdmItemCollection(inputFile);

How can I modify the template in order to include the unknown namespace?

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The problem behind the error is that you are not loading the other CSDL files in the EdmItemCollection. The solution is to load a String[] with the paths of the necessary CSDL files (including the ones with the imported namespaces) to the EdmItemCollection.

In code, it looks like this:

List<string> lstCsdlPaths = new List<string>();
var ItemCollection = new EdmItemCollection(lstCsdlPaths.ToArray()); 
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