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I'm working with JMeter. I'd like to specify the test host using user defined variables, like this:

variable name       value  
localhost           localhost  
hostname            ${localhost}  

Executing the test, I see that the hostname value is not substituted, and obviously the test fails. I know I can use properties and pass the hostname from the command line, or simply change the hostname value. Is it possible to it like I've explained?

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I've managed to solve my problem. I've changed the hostname variable value to: ${__evalVar(${localhost})}, but I've got this error:

ERRROR jmeter.functions.EvalVarFunction: Variables have not yet been defined

So I've moved the hostname variable declaration in a "User defined variable" child node of my Sampler node. That solved it.

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Fine that you solved this by yourself. One note: all the UDV elements in a test plan - no matter where they are - are processed at the start, so I could also simply use 2 consequent separate UDV and define in 1st 'localhost' var and in the 2nd - 'hostname' in the way you did. –  Aliaksandr Belik Apr 19 '12 at 9:45
Thanks, I didn't think about this approach. I like it. –  Carlo Apr 19 '12 at 10:11

New newer versions (from 2.2), you can use ${__V(${...})}/.

Ex: ${__V(${SERVER_CONTEXT})}/rest

As @Alies Belik mentioned, if you get

ERRROR jmeter.functions.EvalVarFunction: Variables have not yet been defined

then define the 2nd variable in next other UDV (User Defined Variables) node.

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