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I'm trying to parse a .pro file, but I get strange chars within the file.

    public List<string> GetTextBlocks(int minBlockSize = 10)
        if (_TextBlocks != null && _TextBlocksMinBlockSize == minBlockSize)
            return _TextBlocks;

        StreamReader pro = new StreamReader(_FileName, Encoding.ASCII);
        List<string> Blocks = new List<string>(); 

        string Content = pro.ReadToEnd();
        StringBuilder CurrentBlock = new StringBuilder();

        for (int n = 0; n < Content.Length; n++)
            int c = Content[n];
            if (char.IsControl((char)c) && c != 10 && c != 13 && c != 9)
                if (CurrentBlock.Length >= minBlockSize)

        _TextBlocks = Blocks;
        _TextBlocksMinBlockSize = minBlockSize;

        return Blocks;//TODO: Comment

Anyone tried that before? Thank you!

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You have to use:

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