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I've got a loop in my ruby build script that iterates over each project and calls msbuild and does various other bits like minify css/js.

Each loop iteration is independent of the others so I'd like to parellelise it.

How do I do this?

I've tried:

    Thread.start {

        # do stuff

puts "foo"

but ruby just seems to exit straight away (prints "foo"). That is, it runs over the loop, starts a load of threads, but because theres nothing after the each, ruby exits killing the other threads :(

I know i can do thread.join, but if i do this inside the loop then its no longer parallel.

What am I missing?

I'm aware of http://peach.rubyforge.org/ but using that I get all kinds of weird behaviour that look like variable scoping issues that I don't know how to solve :(

Edit: It would be useful if I could wait for all child-threads to execute before putting "foo", or at least the main ruby thread exiting. Is this possible?


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Store all your threads in an array and loop through the array calling join:

threads = myarray.map do |item|
  Thread.start do
    # do stuff
threads.each { |thread| thread.join }
puts "foo"
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Threads sucks! :) –  fl00r Apr 19 '12 at 9:44
Yes I can't say I'd really rush to use threading in a Ruby app. –  Russell Apr 19 '12 at 9:46

Use em-synchrony here :). Fibers are cute.

require "em-synchrony"
require "em-synchrony/fiber_iterator"

# if you realy need to get a Fiber per each item
# in real life you could set concurrency to, for example, 10 and it could even improve performance
# it depends on amount of IO in your job
concurrency = myarray.size
EM.synchrony do
  EM::Synchrony::FiberIterator.new(myarray, concurrency).each do |url|
    # do some job here
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Take into account that ruby threads are green threads, so you dont have natively true parallelism. I f this is what you want I would recommend you to take a look to JRuby and Rubinius:


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