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I'm trying to build mongoDB query based on python's dictionaries. The problem that a key should be unique in dicts. See the example

MongoDB data:

        "_id" : ObjectId("4dcd3ebc9278000000005158"),
        col1 : 'foo'
        "_id" : ObjectId("4dcd3ebc9278000000005159"),
        col1 : 'bar'

Python code:

dict = {'col1': 'foo'}
dict.update({'col1': 'bar'})


shows only one line with col1=='bar'

>>> dict
{'col1': 'bar'} 

How can I build the right MongoDB query using dictionaries (or anything) which does not need to have unique keys.


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Are you looking for documents where 'col1' is either 'foo' OR 'bar'?

If so, then you want db.test.find({'col1': {'$in': ['foo', 'bar']}});

To explain, that query matches documents where the value of col1 is in the list ['foo', 'bar'].

Advanced mongodb queries are documented here: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Advanced+Queries#AdvancedQueries-%24in

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Yup, that's correct. Thanks for that :) –  KennyPowers Apr 19 '12 at 9:29

I think the solution for you is just a simple way, you should push each object in a dict and store them in an array:

dict = []
your_obj = {'col1': 'foo'}
dict.append({'col1': 'bar'})
for o in dict:
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