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I'm changing deprecated ldap functions to non-deprecated functions. But I am having problems with ldap_sasl_bind_s. It returns error code 49, which means invalid credentials. But I'm sure that the credentials are valid. Otherwise I added


TLSVerifyClient never  

to /etc/openldap/ldap.conf. Still I get the error.

ldap_simple_bind_s(q->ld, binddn, creds.bv_val);  //works well

ldap_sasl_bind_s(q->ld, binddn, LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE , &creds, NULL, NULL, NULL); //returns ldap error code 49 but continues working

The main problem is that : When i m using ldap_sasl_bind_s, it doesnt bind all attrbiutes, that i got in my ldap architecture. Also when i m searching an existing attribute, it returns NOSUCH error.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Basic C programming covering the uber-basics, although something tells me you read this stuff already: (And I cannot tell from your question if your application is external or you are moving deprecated functions from the openldap? sources)

Have you read http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v5r4/index.jsp?topic=%2Fapis%2Fldap_sasl_bind_s.htm ?

This document indicates to me that ldap_simple_bind and ldap_sasl_bind_s will work the same if char *LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE = 0;

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