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I have a string vector which contains html tags e.g

  abc<-""welcome <span class=\"r\"><a href=\"abc\">abc</a></span> Have fun!""

I want to remove these tags and get follwing vector


       abc<-"welcome Have fun"
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> gsub("(<[^>]*>)","",abc)

what this says is 'substitute every instance of < followed by anything that isnt a > up to a > with nothing"

You cant just do gsub("<.*>","",abc) because regexps are greedy, and the .* would match up to the last > in your text (and you'd lose the 'abc' in your example).

This solution might fail if you've got > in your tags - but is <foo class=">" > legal? Doubtless someone will come up with another answer that involves parsing the HTML with a heavyweight XML package.

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thank you Spacedman if the vector contains a hyperlink like a<-c("hello") how can we remove it – jan5 Apr 19 '12 at 10:18
you'll have to stick that example in the question because comments tend to reformat text and muck things up... – Spacedman Apr 19 '12 at 11:27

You can convert your piece of HTML to an XML document with htmlParse or htmlTreeParse. You can then convert it to text, i.e., strip all the tags, with xmlValue.

abc <- "welcome <span class=\"r\"><a href=\"abc\">abc</a></span> Have fun!"
#doc <- htmlParse(abc, asText=TRUE)
doc <- htmlTreeParse(abc, asText=TRUE)
xmlValue( xmlRoot(doc) )

If you also want to remove the contents of the links, you can use xmlDOMApply to transform the XML tree.

f <- function(x) if(xmlName(x) == "span") xmlTextNode(" ") else x
d <- xmlDOMApply( xmlRoot(doc), f )
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