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 WebMail.SmtpServer = SmtpServer;
                WebMail.UserName = SmtpUsername;
                WebMail.Password = SmtpPassword;

subject is for example "Ask specialist"

body is html body

email is for example ""

email is send to for example ""

now when i send mail i get mail which is ok but as person who send mail I see "". how to change this?

mail now looks like Ask specialist

i want name (Adoo for example) and mail like

Adoo Ask specialist

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If I understand correctly, when setting up mail you can do :

mail.To = new MailAddress("", "Adoo");

or :

mail.To= @"\Adoo \ <>";  
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I'm assuming ReplayAddress is a System.Net.Mail.MailAddress defined in code somewhere else you haven't shown. MailAddress has a constructor which takes a string displayName which should do what you want if I understand you correctly - documentation on that is here.

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Typically in SMTP you can create a friendly name by using a format like this:

                    "\"Adoo\" <>",
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or you can use

mail.To= @"&quot;Adoo&quot; &lt;";
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You are using the WebMail class which takes a string for the .From property of the class. I would use the MailAddress class and do:

MailAddress from = new MailAddress("", "Adoo Ask specialist");
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