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Just a quick feasbility question. We're discussing a custom AS3 movie player which will be on a non-flash page that shows different information depending on the time of the video.

If I were to research getting info from a flash clip in JS through AJAX or something else, where would I start?

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You start with ActionScript to JavaScript communication. There is a thing in AS3 - ExternalInterface which provides this functionality.

Then what you should do is to create a JS accessable EventHandler in AS by publishing it from AS towards webpage by

ExternalInterface.addCallback("addEventListener", yourEventDispatcher.addEventListerener);

Then, when a movie is played, you just dispatch events to yourEventDispatcher which in return passes them to JS by

ExternalInterface.call(JSFunctionName_from_addEvenet_Listener_call, EventData);

Hope, you get the idea; it is really simple.

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It's worth to add that different browsers use different tags to access the swf via js (some use <object/> others use <embed/>) so it's best to keep in mind to have the same value for the id and name attributes. Easiest option to keep things safe and simple is to use something like swfobject. Also make sure allowAccess is set to always –  George Profenza Apr 19 '12 at 11:01
@GeorgeProfenza A quick note: allowAccess should be AllowScriptAccess. –  walkietokyo Apr 20 '12 at 9:58

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