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I've got a class foo, and have created a vector for it using this code

std::vector<foo> fooVector;

I also have an iterator using this code

std::vector<foo>::iterator locator;

now I'm getting this error

foo.cpp:29:25: error: no match for call to ‘(std::vector<foo>) (std::vector<foo>::iterator&)’

and the corresponding line is

if(fooVector(locator).getBoo() + (insertBar.geBoo()) < 4000)

as far as I can tell I'm using the iterator correctly?

I'm not sure what is wrong with how I'm using it?

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fooVector(locator) what do you want to express by this?

fooVector is a variable not a function.

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If the locator iterator is correctly initialized before using it then you should change your code to

if(locator->getBoo() + (insertBar.geBoo()) < 4000)
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