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I've read that we can't use 2nd level caching until we use (explicit) transactions - however, we are using a an Informix system - which for reasons currently beyond our control; an accounting system - we cannot use transactions until we move to SQL server.

Second level caching could greatly improve our performance by cache data that doesn't changed often - is there any way at all to use it with implicit transactions?

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No, NH won't use the cache without a transaction. But I really wonder why you can't use transactions, which is a good practice not only for NHibernate, but for ANY usage of relational databases.

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I agree totally, but because of another system which we are currently interlinked with, we cannot use transactions. It is part of my new team's job to de-couple them and move to SQL Server (and use transactions!) – Stuart.Sklinar Apr 20 '12 at 8:16

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