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I'm trying to convert my application to Automatic Reference Counting but when Xcode generates the preview I get this error:

/Users/alessandro/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/CroMAR-gwraklradkfapbguekcdgjignatm/Build/PrecompiledHeaders/CroMAR-Prefix-dlennltvfqdqsxbbvypkwlbqyvtn/CroMAR-Prefix.pch' file not found

I tried to clean the project, close Xcode, delete the derived data, add the .pch file to that directory but the error is still there and I cannot migrate to ARC. Any ideas?

Thanks Ale

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Is your .pch file in the correct place as specified in your build settings?

enter image description here

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Yes "unfortunately" it is.... –  ubiAle Apr 19 '12 at 12:59

I think you have left any reference in code might be any variable which is pointing to the file and he is not getting it. just check it.

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Hi solved the problem in that way. I noticed that the aforementioned problem was linked to the kind of problem reported in this discussion Convert to ARC - LLVM compiler 3.0 Error thereby to solve the problem is to select the iOS simulator as target during the migration to ARC.

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