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I've got a question about directional services. There's a similar question on which I gave a reaction, but there's no response so I ask my question again. Sorry if this is double! The post I'm talking about is Alternatives to google maps api

Now my question: I need to make a route description for a courier that had to drive every day to deliver things. It's just a list with waypoints that needs to be in the right order for driving. I'm talking about 10 to 20 waypoints in a route. First I tried Google, I finished the script and they have max 8 waypoints. I can't take the pro account because it's way to expensive!!

Which provider is the best to do this. I'm building this in a cronjob that calculates the route every day, so I can't use javascript.


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Maybe is something for you. There its also possible to set waypoints.

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The openstreetmap is a good option I think. Not really sure about the PHProute though, it is still in development. Have you seen the mapquest service? Anybody has experience with this? – Blaater Apr 19 '12 at 12:16

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