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I have a simple form with a single 'email' field and two submit buttons.

The first button 'Next' triggers the forms default action: '/login'. The second button 'Reset Password' has a 'formaction' element that redirect the form to a new destination: '/reset_password'.

<button type="submit" name="login_button">Next</button>
<button class="secondary_button" type="submit" name="reset_button" formaction="/reset_password">Reset Password</button>

The form works perfectly well, however when testing with Capybara:

click_button "Reset Password"

it triggers the form's default action and not the correct action. I've confirmed the default action is being triggered with:


It's definitely triggering the correct button but seems to be ignoring the 'formaction'.

Any ideas?

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same here, we still have to wait for that... –  ecoologic Mar 6 '13 at 6:21

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as you probably know, that's an HTML5 attribute, since Capybara uses RackTtest by default as its driver/browser (which is a very barebones, no JS support driver), it might just not be seeing it at all. I would assume you need a setup with a headless browser like PhantomJS (http://phantomjs.org/index.html). Which supports HTML5 attributes.

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