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I have this button:

<button id="check_button" name ="check_button" type="button" onclick="setLocation('...')">

Now I know I can access it using $('check_button') for example. Is there a way to set the setlocation parameter with Prototype?


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function doButtonClick(event, element) {

  // here, `element` is a reference to the button you clicked.
  var elementId = element.identify();

  // I'm not sure what setLocation takes in as a parameter, but...

$('check_button').on('click', 'button', doButtonClick);

Here are the docs for the element.on: http://api.prototypejs.org/dom/Element/prototype/on/

Which is really just a quick way of creating a new Event.Handler: http://api.prototypejs.org/dom/Event/on/

For sure check out that second doc link - super useful stuff.

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setLocation: function(param)

In this way the param will be always what you pass. " bind " ia a vary powerfull method which holds that ability.

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