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We're going from a SQL-Server 2008 backend to a MySQL backend. What's the interoperability between SQL-Server and MySQL?

Will we be able to run SQL Queries that reference tables from databases across the servers?

For example, is this possible: pseudo code

      [SQL2008Server].[databaseA].[DBO].[table1] as t1 
      [MySQLServer].[databaseB].[dbo].[table2] as t2 
          ON t1.id = t2.fkid

If not, what options can you recommend for integrating data across SQL-Server 2008 and MySQL?

Would LINQ provide any relief in regards to combining data from SQL-Server and MySQL?

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It is possible to add a MySQL server into SQL Server as a linked server.

Once you have set it up you can query using OPENQUERY like this:

SELECT t1.colA, t2.colB
FROM SQLdbName.dbo.tablename AS t1
INNER JOIN OPENQUERY(MySQLlinkedservername, 
                     'SELECT colA, colB FROM tablename') AS t2
ON t1.colA = t2.colA
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Mark...thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for! This worked beautifully! The sql examples in the tut were a little wonky. So, for anyone searching for it heres an example sql JOIN between our SQL2008Server and MySQLServer: SELECT t1.colA, t2.colB FROM SQLdbName.dbo.tablename as t1 INNER JOIN OPENQUERY(MySQLlinkedservername, 'SELECT colA, colB FROM tablename') as t2 ON t1.colA=t2.colA – s15199d Apr 20 '12 at 20:27
@s15199d: Thanks for the comment. I put your SQL from the comment into my answer so that it is easier for others to read. Hope that's OK. – Mark Byers Apr 22 '12 at 7:49

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