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I write a windows service and a installer project using C# with Visual Studio 2010.

This service will get some data from database.

There're more than one database with different windows domain login account.

I want the installer pass the connection string as a parameters to each service instance, each instance has different service name.

I look into MSDN and see OnStart(string[] args). It needs to write register keys to make a service run with parameters automatically. Is there any other easy ways to do that?

Beside, I set username and password value to null in my installer project. A dialog will be promoted during the installation. But it's only once. I want to set different credentials for each service instance. So it needs to be promotes many times.

Thank you.

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Rather install as many instances as you require and use the connectionStrings section in your config file.

I have a generic host (see: http://shuttle.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/view/ba9750ca1f7a#Shuttle.Core%2fsource%2fShuttle.Core.Host%2fHost.cs) that allows you to easily implement multiple instances of services or run your code as a console application.


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