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I am trying to retrieve a file name from one page where the php script uploads the file (imageupload.php), and I want to display it in another page within a javascript function (QandATable.php). But I don't know how to do this

I will show you all of the relevant code so you can follow it and so you are able to understand what is happening.


Below is the form (QandATable.php);

var $fileImage = $("<form action='imageupload.php' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data' target='upload_target' onsubmit='return imageClickHandler(this);' class='imageuploadform' >" + 
<label>Image File: <input name='fileImage' type='file' class='fileImage' /></label><br/><label class='imagelbl'>" + 
"<input type='submit' name='submitImageBtn' class='sbtnimage' value='Upload' /></label>" + 
"</p><ul class='listImage' align='left'></ul>" +
"<iframe class='upload_target' name='upload_target' src='#' style='width:0;height:0;border:0px;solid;#fff;'></iframe></form>"); 

On the same page when the user submits the form, it will go onto the function below, it will check for validation and then when validation is clear, it will go onto the startImageUpload() function:

 function imageClickHandler(imageuploadform){ 
          return startImageUpload(imageuploadform); 
      return false;

If there is no validation then it will go onto the JS function (QandATable.php) below where it hides the file input and it will submit the form to the imageupload.php where the file uploading occurs. When the file is uploaded it then calls back to the stopImageUpload() function (QandAtable.php) where it will display the message on whether the file is uploaded or not and this is where I want the name of the file from the server to be appended.

Below is startImageUpload() function:

var sourceImageForm;

function startImageUpload(imageuploadform){

sourceImageForm = imageuploadform;

return true;

Below is the php script where it uploads the file (imageupload.php):



    $result = 0;

    if( file_exists("ImageFiles/".$_FILES['fileImage']['name'])) {
        $parts = explode(".",$_FILES['fileImage']['name']);
        $ext = array_pop($parts);
        $base = implode(".",$parts);
        $n = 2;

        while( file_exists("ImageFiles/".$base."_".$n.".".$ext)) $n++;
        $_FILES['fileImage']['name'] = $base."_".$n.".".$ext;

        "ImageFiles/" . $_FILES["fileImage"]["name"]);
        $result = 1;

          "ImageFiles/" . $_FILES["fileImage"]["name"]);
          $result = 1;     



    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
window.top.window.stopImageUpload(<?php echo $result;?>);

Finally when upload is finished it goes back to the stopUploadImage() function (QandATable.php) to display the message on whether file is successfully uploaded or not. This is also where I want the uploaded file name from the server to be appended.

   function stopImageUpload(success){

          var result = '';
          if (success == 1){
result = '<span class="msg">The file was uploaded successfully!</span><br/><br/>';
          else {
result = '<span class="emsg">There was an error during file upload!</span><br/><br/>';

    return true;

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First thing I see is missing quotes around this var fileimagename = <?php echo $fileimagename; ?>; try var fileimagename = '<?php echo $fileimagename; ?>'; –  Dale Apr 19 '12 at 12:34
Would have been good to see what the output JavaScript code looks like. –  Ben Everard Apr 19 '12 at 12:35
@Dale Still the same, still get the undefined variable –  user1341521 Apr 19 '12 at 12:38
This is what it outputs on screen, Notice: Undefined index: fileimagename in /web/stud/xxx/Mobile_app/QandATable.php on line 19 –  user1341521 Apr 19 '12 at 12:40
i don't see where you set the $_SESSION[' $_FILES['fileImage']['name']']; variable –  d4rkpr1nc3 Apr 19 '12 at 12:44
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Your $_POST won't contain fileimagename. Instead, your form input was called fileImage. Use that instead:

// Check $_POST for fileImage, which was the form input name
if (isset($_POST['fileImage'])) {
  $_SESSION['fileimagename'] =  $_FILES['fileImage']['name'];
  // Proceed with the file upload and save.
else {
 // oops, can't proceed

On the JavaScript page, do some error checking when accessing the value:

if (isset($_SESSION['fileimagename'])) {
  $fileimagename = $_SESSION['fileimagename'];
  // output JS code...
 <script type="text/javascript">Your JS code here...</script>
else {
  // No filename - can't proceed with JavaScript code
  // Display an eror or a message with instructions for user...

Note: Don't use the user-supplied filename to store the image! It opens you up to a directory traversal attack, and makes it possible for the user to write a file anywhere on your filesystem the web server has write-access to.

// This is unsafe!
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["fileImage"]["tmp_name"], "ImageFiles/" . $_FILES["fileImage"]["name"]);

Instead, it's common to store the value from $_FILES['fileImage']['name'] in your database, along with an identifier value for the actual file, and use the identifier to store it on disk.

$info = pathinfo($_FILES['fileImage']['name']);
// Get the original extension
$filext = $info['extension'];
// Make a unique filename and add the extension
$stored_filename = uniqid() . $filext;

// Use that to store the file on disk
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["fileImage"]["tmp_name"], $stored_filename);

// Now store BOTH $_FILES['fileImage']['name'] and $stored_filename in your database together
// The original user-supplied filename can be used for display, but isn't used on disk
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Hi, when you said don't use user-supplied filename, what do you mean, can you provide an example of a safer way to change that line of code? –  user1341521 Apr 19 '12 at 12:50
@user1341521 Just finished adding it above... –  Michael Berkowski Apr 19 '12 at 12:51
Thanks for the heads up on making uploading safer. I have updated my question and code, what has happended is that there is no undefined index error anymore but I am now getting an error stating invalid regular expression flag w? what does this mean? Question is updated to give you more info. –  user1341521 Apr 19 '12 at 13:09
@user1341521 The invalid w flag is a red herring, due to the PHP error message that is being printed to the screen inside a javascript statement. In my code above, I abbreviated it, but what you really need to do is not output the javascript at all if $fileimagename is not defined.. See above where I have output JS code. You need to wrap your JavaScript code inside the PHP if/else block. –  Michael Berkowski Apr 19 '12 at 13:16
In the php if statement code where I am suppose to output JS code, do you mean output the line of code: var fileimagename = <?php echo $fileimagename; ?>; or the whole javascript function (stopImageUpload()). –  user1341521 Apr 19 '12 at 13:26
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