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I use a different server to send mail to my mailing list. I want to add an SPF record to my domain to show that the IP of the different server is authorized to send mail (as well as the default server).

The server sending email in the example is with the main domain of

So far I have v=spf1 mx a ip4: ?all", would this work for what I want?

EDIT: I would be sending mail using sendmail. The SPF record would be to increase % of mail going to inbox and also so we can enforce -all in the near future on SPF.

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Try using an online tool like or to generate the SPF record. If you Google for "SPF Record checker", you will find many websites which will even validate the SPF record for your domain.

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Let's assume your domain is This makes mx the same as Specifying an IP as ip4: is the same as ip4: That would be enough:

v=spf1 mx a ip4: ?all

Make sure you verify your SPF records using a SPF checker. Try the following one. It does some pretty extensive testing.

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