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i am aware of the ability of:


but i want to know if there is a way to get the TO field populated in outlook but for a friendly name to be displayed (as outlook does) instead of the email address itself.

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The mailto URL scheme

 mailtoURL  =  "mailto:" [ to ] [ headers ]
 to         =  #mailbox
 headers    =  "?" header *( "&" header )
 header     =  hname "=" hvalue
 hname      =  *urlc
 hvalue     =  *urlc

"#mailbox" is as specified in RFC 822. This means that it consists of zero or more comma-separated mail addresses, possibly including "phrase" and "comment" components. Note that all URL reserved characters in "to" must be encoded: in particular, parentheses, commas, and the percent sign ("%"), which commonly occur in the "mailbox" syntax.

That said on a simple test the following seemed to work for me in Chrome opening Outlook

<a href="mailto:'Test' &lt;;">Contact via Email</a>
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wow, perfect. that is very helpful – kacalapy Apr 19 '12 at 18:01

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