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I am busy with building a kind of 'track' player for GPS Tracks.

I have in my database all the positions of a certain track (latitude, longitude, altitude, time).

I am able to display the whole track on a map and move the marker along that track (see At the left you have somewher 'starten!!!!'. If you hit that he will move along the track but based on distance.

My goal is that I could move based on time. Final goal is that I have 2 markers, 2 tracks and that I could play it and see the difference between the 2 markers. If i use distance it will be for both the same, but I would see where person 1 (track 1) was and where person 2 was at that moment.

Anyone any idea how i could make this work? Or any idea how this is possible? One of my ideas is that I ask for every movement the position of a certain person (asking it to the database), but isn't that too heavy?

Currently I use v3, but if you think v2 is better for this, i could always switch ;)


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I can only think of setInterval actually counting time ticks, as shown here


You mentioned querying a database, yet in your example all the points are in the source. What I show needs the data already loaded in the HTML file. I use a format:

  [time 1st pt. arrived, lat, lng]
  [time 2nd pt. arrived, lat, lng]
  [time 3rd pt. arrived, lat, lng]

and check the elapsed time with array's time.

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Interval needs to be 1000, otherwise it is too quick. –  Adam Mar 30 '13 at 19:32

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