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I created a web application in PHP.

The application should print a receipt in a dot matrix printer (Epson LQ300).

The receipt layout is customized and the paper is punched.

Right now I created a pdf with custom paper size, but the user should do 3 click to finally print the receipt, wich has some paper feeds errors.

So I want to let the user click on printer icon of the receipt and the next thing happens is the receipt being printed.

Let's asume that the priter is only one, localy, and default, so I first need to avoid select printer dialog.

  1. How to do that from a PDF reader?

Asuming that I change the approach and use only HTML, and forget about PDF:

  1. How to control the exact position of the fields ?
  2. How how to avoid "Select Prnter Dialog"?
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This really has nothing to do with PHP. It sounds like you want to force the user's browser and PDF viewer to behave a certain way. What OS, browser, and PDF viewer does the user have (versions too)? –  Tony Apr 19 '12 at 14:47
yes you are wright, it's all html and js/vbs OS:XP, Browser: IE7, pdfviewer: last one, just downloaded ... –  Nicolas400 Apr 19 '12 at 15:06

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