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I'm currently working on a rails_admin application which uses a custom partial : Here is an extract of my rails_admin.rb initializer:

edit do
  field :propositions do
    partial 'form_propositions'

I wrote integration tests using capybara and launched them with guard: all my tests are green and when I use 'save_and_open_page' in my tests suites I can confirm that my custom partial is used by capybara. But if I launch my tests with 'rake test:integration' my tests fail: with the 'save_and_open_page' method I can see that my custom partial is not used and instead I have the original rails_admin form...

Do you have any idea of what is happening ? Thanks a lot for your answer.

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RailsAdmin adds a rake task to the rake :environment task that turns off the loading of the RailsAdmin initializer. This means rake tasks don't load custom actions, partials, etc.

Since guard is not started up by a rake task, all the customizations are properly loaded.

To turn off this performance "optimization" so that you can test RailsAdmin customizations in a rake task, add the following to your Rakefile:

task :default => [:load_rails_admin_initializer]
task :load_rails_admin_initializer do
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