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I use Netbeans IDE v7.1 + Struts 2/XWork plugin with Struts 2.2.3 Libraries and Glassfish Server v3 http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/39218

I have also integrated Struts2-Jquery plugin from here: Plugin Page at Google Code

The file I downloaded is: struts2-jquery-plugin-3.3.0.jar

First of all, I added it to the project as JAR/Folder Library.

Next, I copied the example code in a JSP page, with the following structure:

                Document   : calendarDemo
                Created on : 18-abr-2012, 17:48:08
                Author     : David32

            <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"%>
            <%@ taglib prefix="sj" uri="/struts-jquery-tags"%>
                <sj:head locale="es" jquerytheme="lightness"/>
                <title>Datepicker Demo</title>
                <s:form id="form" theme="xhtml">
                  <sj:datepicker id="date0" name="date0" label="With Button Panel" showButtonPanel="true"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date1" name="date1" label="Change Month and Year" changeMonth="true" changeYear="true"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date2" name="date2" label="Custom Button Text" showOn="both" buttonText="Select a Date"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date3" name="date3" label="Show only on Button Click" showOn="button"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date4" name="date4" label="Text after selection" appendText=" (dd.MM.yy)" displayFormat="dd.MM.yy"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date5" name="date5" label="With fast slideDown Animation" showAnim="slideDown" duration="fast"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date6" name="date6" label="With slow fadeIn Animation" showAnim="fadeIn" showOptions="{direction: 'up' }" duration="slow" />
                  <sj:datepicker id="date7" name="date7" label="Show 3 Months" numberOfMonths="3"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date8" name="date8" label="Show Month Array" numberOfMonths="[2,3]"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date9" name="date9" label="Show Years only from 2008 until 2012" yearRange="2008:2012" changeYear="true"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date10" name="date10" label="Button Only" buttonImageOnly="true"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date11" name="date11" label="Without Button" showOn="focus"/>
                  <sj:datepicker id="date12" name="date12" label="With Close Event" onClose="onClose"/>

The start page as configured in web.xml is of course [b]calendars/calendarDemo.jsp[/b]

Netbeans doesn't detect any errors, as the Datepicker tag is correctly detected and checked. On the other hand, after getting deployed it gives only an Error 500 Page with the following notice:

            org.apache.jasper.JasperException: The Struts dispatcher cannot be found.  This is usually caused by using Struts tags without the associated filter. Struts tags are only usable when the request has passed through its servlet filter, which initializes the Struts dispatcher needed for this tag. - [unknown location]

Does anybody know if there is anything I am missing to configure this plugin? ANY HELP WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED !

I could gladly paste the whole exception log in another post, because this current post is already too long.

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what URL u hitting when you get this exception? i suspect you are hitting jsp page directly?? –  Umesh Awasthi Apr 19 '12 at 14:47
I hit: localhost:8080/TelesismuxWeb Which is the location on where the App Container (Glassfish) is listening. I have tested with other JSPs as start pages and they load perfectly. –  David V Apr 19 '12 at 15:18
you have filter diapatcher configured in web.xml? –  Umesh Awasthi Apr 19 '12 at 16:56
Dear Umesh: I have googled a lot and couldn't find coincident answers. Some say it is only neccesary to write the following directives inside the JSP that use the tags: <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"%> <%@ taglib prefix="sj" uri="/struts-jquery-tags"%> On the other hand, I've read this link: struts.apache.org/2.0.6/docs/webxml.html In the last part it says that it is not recommended to declare taglibs in web.xml. I am plain confused. I am somewhat new to Struts2. Any advice will be much appreciated. –  David V Apr 19 '12 at 18:02
No, you need not to declare the tag lib in your web.xml.If you want to use struts2 tag use <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"%> and if you want to use jquery tags use <%@ taglib prefix="sj" uri="/struts-jquery-tags"%>.Make sure you have configured the struts2 filter dispatcher in your web.xml file.On addition please update your post with web.xml and the library in your classpath –  Umesh Awasthi Apr 19 '12 at 18:12
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As commented by user @Umesh Awasthi, it is a known issue of the plugin.

A workaround is to downgrade to version 3.2.1 of the plugin.

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