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I feel like this is really pushing the limits of what I can and cannot do with jQuery's drag/drop features, but I'm also on edge of getting it working so I'm hoping I'm just missing one tiny thing.

I have nested sortables, which also have dropzones and a draggable (elsewhere on the page) that should be able to drop items either directly into the sortables or into the dropzones.

The problem I'm facing right now, is that when I drop a draggable onto an inner dropzone, its corresponding "drop" event is fired twice and in addition, the outer (main) sortable is also picking up the event. I get that the main sortable is picking it up, that doesn't surprise me and given a bit of work (since the drop event is fired first) I bet I can get around it. What more stumps me is the double drop events (from the same dropzone).

I have greedy turned on for the inner dropzone and I have build a working example here:

If you drag/drop an item from the upper list (the draggable) into the inner dropzone (with your javascript console open) you will see the inner dropzone event fired twice and the sortable receive event as well.

I have found that if I take the "connectToSortable" out of the picture for the draggable object, then the dropzones function perfectly.


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