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How would I go about replacing the content of a specific hex offset in a binary file with C#?

To make it more clear, lets say my offset is 0x33347, and the content of it is 06. I would want to change 06 to 17. How do I do this? I have very little experience with hex editing, so I weren't really able to figure anything out myself, I'm kind of lost.

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Using a FileStream, set the Position of the stream to the offset, then write the byte.

This will overwrite the current content with what you want.

using(var fs = new FileStream("path to file", 
    fs.Position = 0x33347;
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Thank you very much. The example helped me a lot. –  Lazze Apr 19 '12 at 15:45

Open the stream in read-write mode, read up to your offset (or seek if your stream supports seeking), write your byte, flush and close the stream.

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