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I'm facing a really annoying problem. In some point of the program, I need to track the user position. For that I register a listener for all the providers available and request updates. This was working really good until I updated my phone to Android 4.0. But the same code is working perfectly in older versions.

Now, the listener is not being called. But only under some conditions:

  • if i have gps coordinates, this works perfectly ok, even if the gps coordinates are lost, I get also network
  • but if there is no gps coordinates and there is no wifi signal (but the wifi on the phone is enable), I should be able to get the coordinates using the 3g. Here is were it's not working. If I debug, I can see how the listener is being registered but it is never called.

Please, help!!!!

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Don't know whether you have gone through this. If not, it would be useful for you.

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Do you have a sim card in the device? I found this resolved the issue for me.

Incidentally, I found that after I upgraded my Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.x (specifically, 4.2.2) weird things started happening with my device. Perhaps this there are some bugs in the updates?

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