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How do I login into Facebook and get a accesstoken in Java with a desktop application only?

I found a api that lets you call methods but you have to get the token yourself. So is there a way to do this using only a desktop app? Maybe embed a browser to a window popup?

I already know the process in getting a token explained here so my question doesnt involve that. I need a way for the user to login into facebook using some kind of GUI.

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What about Leeloo? – sp00m Apr 19 '12 at 15:48
im trying to run the demo they provide and requires that i use javax.servlet, which i dont seem to have :( – likebeats Apr 19 '12 at 19:11

As in the facebook document

Our OAuth 2.0 implementation does not include explicit support for application built for desktop operating systems. However, if your app can embed a web browser (most desktop frameworks such as .NET, AIR and Cocoa support embedding browsers), you can use the client-side flow with one modification: a specific redirect_uri. Rather than requiring desktop apps to host a web server and populate the Site URL in the Developer App, we provide a specific URL you can use with desktop apps:

I think you are right about embed web browser.

And I suggest you to move to Graph API instead of Rest, Because It's deprecating.

see more abount Facebook Authentication

Deprecating the REST API

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any idea of how to embed a web browser in java using desktop only? – likebeats Apr 19 '12 at 19:08
There is question about this here link – Hereblur Apr 20 '12 at 15:44

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