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Is there a way to get a PHP namespace to allow for calling functions within a namespace as if they were global?



Rather than:


Here is my example code:

require_once 'prggmr/src/prggmr.php';

prggmr\handle(function() {
  echo 'This is a test scenario';
}, 'test');


Aliasing does not work for functions:

require 'prggmr/src/prggmr.php';
use prggmr\handle;

    echo "Test";
}, "test");


Fatal error: Call to undefined function handle()
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From my understanding this excerpt from the documentation says it's not possible ...

Neither functions nor constants can be imported via the use statement.



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Not for a whole namespace, no. But for single names, you can do

use p\handle;

which aliases p\handle to just handle.

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Hi thanks I have tried this. The thing is that the main file is namespaced: prggmr, this is giving me an undefined: ---- <?php use prggmr as p; use p\handle as handle; handle(function() {echo 1;}, 'hey'); signal('hey'); --- I have also tried \handle as a global but that wouldn't make sense. –  JREAM Apr 19 '12 at 16:56

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