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I am using a custom .net validator as shown below, the custom validator only displays it's error message in the validation summary. I have set the CssClass on the validation summary and this works fine and renders out all my error messages in li tags. What I want is one of my validators to have a separate style in the validation summary, I have tried setting the values as below but the CssClass of the custom validator is never reflected in the HTML

<asp:CustomValidator ErrorMessage="Test error" ID="problemsLoggingIn" runat="server" Display="None" ValidationGroup="LoginValidationGroup" CssClass="specialCaseLi" ForeColor="" />

<asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" DisplayMode="BulletList" CssClass="errorMsg" runat="server" ValidationGroup="LoginValidationGroup" />

Gives this HTML:

<div id="ctl00_MainContentPlaceHolder_LoginView_LoginForm_ValidationSummary1" class="errorMsgDiv" style="color:Red;">
<ul><li>Test error</li></ul>
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Here is some CSS that will work:

enter code here.validation-summary-errors {
background-color: #D9FFB2;
border:1px solid #5CBA30;
width: 400px;
 span.validation-summary-errors {
border-bottom-color: #D9FFB2;
     ul.validation-summary-errors {

Check this link: Surrounding a ValidationSummary with a box via CSS

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