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hi I made a little map app with a little amount pinOverlays. the problem comes when the pins are not on the initial screen, so the app never draw them.

for example if I animateTO(point1) where you can't see point3 and point2 there will never appear on the map, but if I animateTo(point2) the other pins will never appear on the map, is like the app only draw the point that can be seen on the screen. any ideas of why can this happens?

List<Overlay> mapOverlays = mapView.getOverlays();
        Drawable drawable = this.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.indicador_mapa);
        ContactItemizedOverlay itemizedoverlay = new ContactItemizedOverlay(drawable, this);
        //first point of location
        //oficina central 
        String coordinates[] = {"-16.50355741", "-68.13074811"};
        //prado cerca a las gradas
        String coordinates1[] ={"-16.50120505", "-68.13334501"};
        //calle murillo y oruro
        String coordinates2[] ={"-16.449587", "-68.136130"};
        //san miguel
        String coordinates3[] ={"-16.540237", "-68.078138"};

        double lat = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[0]);
        double lng = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[1]);
        double lat1 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates1[0]);
        double lng1 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates1[1]);
        double lat2 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates2[0]);
        double lng2 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates2[1]);
        double lat3 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates2[0]);
        double lng3 = Double.parseDouble(coordinates2[1]); 
        GeoPoint point = new GeoPoint((int) (lat * 1E6), 
                (int) (lng * 1E6));
        GeoPoint point1 = new GeoPoint((int) (lat1 * 1E6), 
                (int) (lng1 * 1E6));
        GeoPoint point2 = new GeoPoint((int) (lat2 * 1E6), 
                (int) (lng2 * 1E6));
        GeoPoint point3 = new GeoPoint((int) (lat3 * 1E6), 
                (int) (lng3 * 1E6));

        OverlayItem overlayitem = new OverlayItem(point, "oficina1", "Agencia calle Batallón Colorado");
        OverlayItem overlayitem1 = new OverlayItem(point1, "oficina2", "Agencia calle camacho #2135");
        OverlayItem overlayitem2 = new OverlayItem(point2, "oficina3", "agencia Calle Murillo");
        OverlayItem overlayitem3 = new OverlayItem(point3, "oficina4", "Agencia san miguel calle 21 esquina montenegro");
        //add the itemized overlay to the list of itemized overlays

        mapControler = mapView.getController();
        // MyLocationOverlay mLocationOverlay = new MyLocationOverlay(getBaseContext(), mapView);
        // mapControler.animateTo(mLocationOverlay.getMyLocation());
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Refer this LINK it has a brief description of drawing pinspoints on Maps.

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Thanks for the response. About your code, on the other answer, where this solves the problem of the points that are not on the screen, the only difference I see with this code is that they are added from a data base, that is a part of the code you didn't put on the answer. I would like to know how this approaches to a solution to the case that only the pins that appears on the initial screen are drawn, I don't get it if you could explain me a little more would be great. – Pedro Teran Apr 19 '12 at 16:34
in that link you have forloop(setoflocations) just make arraylist of geo points in your code and you can use that for loop. – Agarwal Shankar Apr 19 '12 at 16:37
ok that's simpler than adding the geopoints one by one,something that is great and works, but it doesn't solve my problem, that geopoints that are outside the initial screen never get drawn. – Pedro Teran Apr 19 '12 at 18:42
reduce your zoom level – Agarwal Shankar Apr 20 '12 at 0:06

See this blog May helps you:

Google Maps In Android

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thanks, for answering, Actually, I read the code before, but I don't see where it make the markers drawn for points out of initial screen. if this is on the blog please tell me where, I didn't see nothing related to my problem – Pedro Teran Apr 19 '12 at 15:58

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