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I'm trying to automate a build schema that would mainly follow the promotion of a specific build through environment, through branches.

So, my source code looks like this:

  • DEV branch
  • QA branch (child from DEV)
  • PROD branch (child from QA)

Now, I have already set up continuous builds in the DEV branch. Basically, for every checkin a build is scheduled and unit tests are executed.

I want to be able to merge any set of checkins from DEV to QA and make that automatically trigger the QA build. However, I can't find any option that would build based on files changed on a specific path. Is this possible? How to achieve it?

PS: I know I could as well trigger this build for every checkin, but I would find more value to do so only when a specific path is changed, so that the build can be associated with a set of checkins to automatically generate a change-log of the "release". Also, the same idea would apply into PROD releases, which may be a set of multiple QA releases.


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Why is the default behavior (any checkin beneath your workspace mapping causes a build) not appropriate here? Are there other checkins going into your QA branch? Is your build workspace mapping for QA required to be of a larger scope than the paths you want to build after a checkin? – Edward Thomson Apr 19 '12 at 18:09
@EdwardThomson I think my problem was that I just didn't know that. Thanks a lot! – Alpha Apr 19 '12 at 21:52

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The Workspace Mapping in the build definition also determines which path's trigger a CI build. So just make sure your workspace mapping is specified for hte DEV/QA/PROD path's appropriately, and it will only trigger builds for that check-ins within that branch.

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