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I'm working on the android half of a cross-platform android/ios framework that lets you write apps in JS that work on both platforms. I say this because it means I can't use things like 9-patches to get this effect. Full code at https://github.com/mschulkind/cordova-true-native-android

Here are two screenshots of the problem:

-Images redacted because I'm too new to be this useful. I will have to add them when I'm no longer a newbie.-

Here's the code that generates the drawable from https://github.com/mschulkind/cordova-true-native-android/blob/master/src/org/apache/cordova/plugins/truenative/ViewPlugin.java#L146

  // Borrowed from:
  // http://www.betaful.com/2012/01/programmatic-shapes-in-android/
  private class ViewBackground extends ShapeDrawable {
    private final Paint mFillPaint, mStrokePaint;
    private final int mBorderWidth;

    public ViewBackground(
        Shape s, int backgroundColor, int borderColor, int borderWidth) {

      mFillPaint = new Paint(this.getPaint());

      mStrokePaint = new Paint(mFillPaint);

      mBorderWidth = borderWidth;

    protected void onDraw(Shape shape, Canvas canvas, Paint paint) {
      shape.resize(canvas.getClipBounds().right, canvas.getClipBounds().bottom);

      Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
          new RectF(
            0, 0, 
            canvas.getClipBounds().right, canvas.getClipBounds().bottom),
          new RectF(
            mBorderWidth/2, mBorderWidth/2, 
            canvas.getClipBounds().right - mBorderWidth/2,
            canvas.getClipBounds().bottom - mBorderWidth/2),

      shape.draw(canvas, mFillPaint);
      if (mBorderWidth > 0) {
        shape.draw(canvas, mStrokePaint);

This has happened both when the drawable was set as the background of the EditText directly and when I set it as the background of a parent view around the EditText.

Anyone have an idea of what's going on here or what avenues I should explore?

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Since I couldn't post them in the original post due to being a newbie, here are links to the screenshots i.imgur.com/ejHvJ.png and i.imgur.com/l1PNU.png –  Matthew Schulkind Apr 19 '12 at 16:00

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Looks like you want to draw a rounded rectangle.

To achieve such a style, it is simpler to use a XML drawable.

You simply put a XML file into the drawable/ directory. Here you can describe the desired shape. Some documentation about XML drawables is here : http://idunnolol.com/android/drawables.html Look at the tag.

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I know about XML drawables, but it's not an option in this case. All parameters are specified directly in the javascript, so no chance to use XML; it has to be programmatically. –  Matthew Schulkind Apr 19 '12 at 23:25

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