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I intend to save all views files generated by Codeigniter on my desktop; I need to output the views into files like home.html, single.html, page.html inside a folder. Is there an solution for this?

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Actually you might return a view as data, simply assign it to a variable.

$string = $this->load->view('myfile', $data, true);

Just get this response, create a file and upload to the server (using either fwrite or ftp).

Below a quick example:

$file = '/var/www/whatever/upload_dir/file.html';
$string = $this->load->view('myfile', $data, true);
// Write the contents back to the file
file_put_contents($file, $string );

Hope it helps!

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You can load the view and have it returned as a string by supplying a third parameter (boolean TRUE) while calling $this->load->view(). From there, you can call file_put_contents() to write the string into a file.

$view_string = $this->load->view('some_view', '', TRUE);
file_put_contents('filename', $view_string);

You can also use write_file() supplied by CodeIgniter File Helper to write the string to a file.

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