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I have a folder in a repository:


And I want to export all the files in Folder to a local directory:


If I do an export from the repository to the local folder, it exports all files including the parent folder, so I end up with the structure:


How can I export without the parent directory? So I get something like:

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You should be able to do that with the following SVN command:

svn export http://.../svn/Repo/trunk/Folder C:\AnotherFolder

This should also work with a relative path for AnotherFolder like this:

svn export http://.../svn/Repo/trunk/Folder AnotherFolder
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You are right. I'm trying to do this in Visual Build Pro and I assumed that was the command it was using. I guess not. Thanks – prestomanifesto Apr 19 '12 at 17:19

if you want to export a file ,the command is
svn export http://.../svn/Repo/trunk/filename C:\AnotherFolder\filename

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Thanks Frank, your answer helped me with my problem though it wasn't a proper answer to the original question. – Alex Sed Apr 15 at 3:11

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