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I need to include an image in a paragraph alongside some text. However, I need to insert the image after the text has been added. I know that I can do this:

Paragraph firstParagraph = new Paragraph();
firstParagraph.Inlines.Add(new System.Windows.Controls.Image());
firstParagraph.Inlines.Add(new Run("Some text"));

which works fine.

However, if I can't seem to do this:

Paragraph secondParagraph = new Paragraph();
secondParagraph.Inlines.Add(new Run("Some text"));
secondParagraph.Inlines.InsertBefore(secondParagraph.Inlines.FirstInline, new Image());

(Obviously the above is a contrived example, in my real-world example I get a long list of Paragraphs back, over which I have no control. I need to insert an image at the front of some them.)

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Why can't you do this? Is there an error? Does it not work? –  Dennis Apr 20 '12 at 14:21
yes, more details please –  TheZenker Apr 24 '12 at 15:31

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First of all you need to know where to insert. You will need a TextPointer.

Given you are using a RichTextBox and you want to insert at cursor position try:

RichTextBox.Name = "rtb";

your System.Windows.Controls.Image name: img

TextPointer insertHere = rtb.CaretPosition.GetInsertionPosition(LogicalDirection.Forward);
new InlineUIContainer(img, insertHere);
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