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I am having trouble getting a slide in menu to be scrollable while using jquery-mobile / phonegap when it is installed on an android device.

Someone else who has left our company wrote the original code. Below is the code he wrote to inject the menu which needs to receive information from an external source:

var mainMenu = function(){
$('body').append('<nav id="mainMenu" data-role="listview" ><form action="'+URL+'ipad/search.php" class="search_form" id="search" method="get"><input type="text" class="inptxt_1" value="" name="term" id="term"><input type="hidden" id="format" name="format" value="mobile" /><input type="hidden" name="category" value="Latest&#37;20News" /><input type="hidden" name="limitstart" value="0" /><input type="hidden" name="limitstart" value="0" /><input type="hidden" name="limit" value="30" /></form>').trigger('create');
  $.getJSON(URL+'ipad/categories.php?format=mobile', function(data) {
    var items = [];
    $.each(data, function(index) {
      items.push('<a href="#" class="ui-enable" onclick="contentTrigger('+data[index].id+');">' + data[index].label + '</a>');
    $('<div/>', {
      'id': 'dynamicCategories',
      html: '<h2>Categories</h2>'+items.join('')
    success: function(data){
      $('.ui-page, .ui-header-fixed, .ui-footer-fixed').animate({left: "0"});
      $('#mainMenu').css({position:"fixed"}).animate({left: "-"+$('#mainMenu').width()+"px"});
      window.scrollTo(0, 0);
    resetForm: true
  return false;

}; // End mainMenu

Here is the other bit of code originally written to deal with the click of the button:

$('#mainMenuButton').live( 'click',function(e){

  $('#mainMenu').animate({left: "0"});

$('#mainMenu').css({position:"fixed"}).animate({left: "-"+$('#mainMenu').width()+"px"},function(){

The above code was slightly altered along with the css to make the menu appear over the rest of the page, which fixed an issue of the width being scrollable as well in ICS and another version of 2.x.

The idea is when you click a button the side menu would slide out to 80% of the screen width and the rest of the page would slide out the right. When this menu was set to position fixed, with the content being longer than the screen it does not scroll. I am not a javascript expert but learning, and in trying to fix it made the menu scroll over the top of the page.

This fixed a number of issues, but in android 2.3.4 on a galaxy s it still would not scroll vertically. On Android 4 it partially worked. It worked fine in desktop versions of Firefox and Chrome.

So basically whether it overlays or slides in from the left and takes up 80% of the screen I need to make the menu scrollable and the rest of the page not scrollable.

The site/app does have a fixed header and footer if that information is needed in helping find a solution.

I have tried stack overflow and google and not found a solution to make the menu scrollable. All the time the rest of the page continues to scroll.

Is there any way to make the menu scroll separately to the rest of the page content on a mobile device? Or does anyone have any other solutions to this?

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it is quite difficult to read your code since you didn't used code blocks on all of it, if you want people to answer your question you should do a bit more editing. There are a few issues with scrollable elements on smartphones, which is fully supported only by iOS 5 right now. Perhaps it is better to try a more standard conform solution here? –  daniel.auener Apr 20 '12 at 19:03
thank you - have reformated the code so should be clearer. i guess is more a jquery mobile issue as obviously fully native apps often have a menu appearing from the side and allows scrolling. –  Solus Shadow Apr 25 '12 at 10:24

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