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i have to move some files from a directory to another one, but this is a bit tricky.

here is my folder structure





i basically want to move the pictures from each folder that do not have th into another directory like this:


what i am thinking is to create a list of the images i want to move by using s ls command to list all pictures + their path that don't have th -> export that to a file -> build a cp command like:

cp /var/www/media_test1/media001/001_pm_001.jpg /var/www/media_test2/media001/001_pm_001.jpg
cp /var/www/media_test1/media002/002_pm_001.jpg /var/www/media_test2/media001/002_pm_002.jpg

then execute the command.

the problem is that i don't know how to write these commands.

Is there a better way of doing this? any ideas on what commands i can use?


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You can use the find command to do that. Make sure the destination directory exists and then run:

find /var/www/media_test1/media001/ -type f -not -name "th*" -exec cp {} /var/www/media_test2/media001/ \;

That will find all files that don't begin with "th" and copy them to /var/www/media_test2/media001/.

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i have lots of folders. i need somehow to find all this paths like /var/www/media_test1/media001/file and /var/www/media_test1/media002/file and save them to a file first so i can build the cp command –  Patrioticcow Apr 19 '12 at 17:26
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Use find to select (and exclude) the files to be copied. Use tar to copy files including the directory structure. Use null terminated path names to be robust against white spaces in path names (and other control characters).

cd /var/www/media_test1 &&
find -type f ! -name th\* -print0 |
tar --null -T- -cf - |
tar -C /var/www/media_test2 -xf -
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You can use mmv if you don't need it to be too flexible:

mmv '/var/www/media_test1/media???/???_pm_*.jpg' '/var/www/media_test2/media#1#2#3/#4#5#6_pm_#7.jpg'

This won't create the destination folders though; you will have to to that first.

If you need it to be more flexible, or create the destination folders for you the it would be better to write a script.

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I have used the mv command here. because you started off by saying "I have to move some files"... but you can just change it to cp... the structure is the same for both... The |e at the end of the sed expressions causes the sed-generated script to be automatically executed. You don't actually get to see the script, so I added it at the end of this post)... The mkdir -p will check if the directory already exists and if it doesn't, then it makes it. If mkdir fails, the next command will not be executed.

# use `find' to get the main list of files.. 
# use `sed' to filter when both 'NNN's match in: /mediaNNN/NNN...
# `sed' also build and executes the *move* script


find $basepath1/media[0-9][0-9][0-9] \
      -type f -name '[0-9][0-9][0-9]*.jpg' |
sed -nr "
mkdir -p \"$basepath2\1\" \&\&\n\
   mv -n \"&\" \\\\\n\

Here is the generated script

mkdir -p "/var/www/media_test2/media001/" &&
   mv -n "/var/www/media_test1/media001/001_pm_001.jpg" \
mkdir -p "/var/www/media_test2/media002/" &&
   mv -n "/var/www/media_test1/media002/002_pm_001.jpg" \
mkdir -p "/var/www/media_test2/media003/" &&
   mv -n "/var/www/media_test1/media003/003_pm_001.jpg" \
mkdir -p "/var/www/media_test2/media004/" &&
   mv -n "/var/www/media_test1/media004/004_pm_001.jpg" \
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