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I am trying to hook LDAPAuth class in lliferay 6.1 to override the authenticateByEmailAddress to add some logic from my side. i am not sure how to define this in liferay-hook.xml

    <service-type>com. </service-type>

what should be provided in the service-type and service-imp. my class name is MyLDAPAuth which extends LDAPauth from liferay

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I don't think you can create a hook to override this class as this class resides in portal-impl.jar which can't be referenced from plugins portlets or hooks (and this is the reason for it and you can also read this forum for more information on why we can't and we should not use portal-impl.jar in plugins).

So the only option which remains is EXT.

Also if you create your custom class in EXT, you will need to specify it in the portal-ext.properties with property (read the comments for this property in portal.properties):


I have not tried but I don't think it is possible to create custom class in a plugin portlet or hook and change this property.

Hope this answers your question or atleast gives you an idea for going further.

Thank you

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