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I'm getting mixed signals from various forum posts. Does it exist natively by changing:

// Default 940px grid
// -------------------------
@gridColumns:             12;
@gridColumnWidth:         60px;
@gridGutterWidth:         20px;
@gridRowWidth:            (@gridColumns * @gridColumnWidth) + (@gridGutterWidth * (@gridColumns - 1));


// Default 940px grid
// -------------------------
@gridColumns:             16;
@gridColumnWidth:         40px;
@gridGutterWidth:         10px;
@gridRowWidth:            (@gridColumns * @gridColumnWidth) + (@gridGutterWidth * (@gridColumns - 1));

Is that all I need to do to create a 16 column layout? I've seen some forum posts saying that you have to go hard-code in selectors span11-16 for it to work because those no longer exist since Bootstrap 2.0 and can't be dynamically created.

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Well I just tried and it generates 16 columns fine. Have you looked at this page and tried customizing your download?


Also, if you take a look at line 556 of the mixins (The Grid), you'll see the function that generates the spans. It takes the total column count into account when generating the spans.


In other words, you're good to go.

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Thank you very much. I am pretty new to Bootstrap/LESS, I appreciate the non-snarky response. I was expecting some RTFM responses, even though I was trying. –  MALON Apr 19 '12 at 20:13

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