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First, I know absolutely nothing about CYGWIN so bear with me...

Our developers need to procure some text dumps from our DBAs. They work with Oracle on Windows via a CYGWIN environment, and kornshell.

Question: How can we use kornshell/cygwin to copy an old fashioned text file to a standard Windows network share (UNC address)?

Note: There is a workaround we have discussed, where the DBAs can drop the text files in a local temp folder, and then setup a Windows Task to copy/move the text file to a UNC address. We would like to avoid this kluge.

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UNC paths are mapped to Cygwin paths by replacing \ characters with / characters.

For example, a file that appears in Windows as


should appear in Cygwin as:


If that doesn't work (it should), you can also map a drive letter to a UNC path. For example, if you map \\server\dir1 to S:\, then the same file (S:\dir2\foo.txt) should appear in Cygwin as /cygdrive/s/dir2/foo.txt.

In short, a Cygwin command can treat a directory with a UNC path as an ordinary directory.

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I realized the problem is not syntax, but rather user/permissions issue... the KSH/Cygwin commands run as a local user account and thus don't have a kerberos ticket with permissions. Our options are, run the script as SYSTEM and trust the computer's AD account on the share... or the ugly workaround i mentioned in my post. thanks for responding though. –  one.beat.consumer Apr 19 '12 at 21:36

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