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I'm simply trying to read all symptoms from a database and store them in a list for a web service client to use. Symptoms contain: symptomID (int) and symptomName (string).

How do I return a list of symptoms to the web service client containing the symptom id and name.

The code below is taken although I can't seem to define symptom in the web service. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

@WebService(serviceName = "MyWebService")
public class MyWebService {

 * Web service operation
@WebMethod(operationName = "getAllSym")
public String getAllSym() {
    //TODO write your implementation code here:

Connection con;
Statement ps;
ResultSet rs;    
List allSymptoms = new ArrayList(); 

int i = 0;
    con = DriverManager.getConnection(...);
    ps = con.createStatement();
    rs = ps.executeQuery("select * from symptoms");
    while (rs.next()) {
        allSymptoms.add(new Symptom(rs.getString(1), rs.getString(2)));

catch (Exception e)
    System.out.println("Error Data : " + e.getMessage());

return allSymptoms;
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I'm not a Java expert, but why not change the return type of your method to be List?

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How do you mean? –  Infinity Apr 19 '12 at 18:20
Your method is public String getAllSym(). Make that public List getAllSym() –  John Saunders Apr 19 '12 at 20:27

if you are using Java and want return the object in json format I'll recommend Gson API, a Json parser made by google. It will looks like this:

return new Gson().toJson(allSymptoms);
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I'd rather not use a JSON parser but thanks for the suggestion! –  Infinity Apr 19 '12 at 17:42
in what format do you want output? –  melanke Apr 19 '12 at 17:50
Apologies, I misunderstood what the JSON parser provided. Am I correct in thinking that the code I've written would be correct and JSON allows me to pass the Symptom back to the client? –  Infinity Apr 19 '12 at 18:00
Yes! the allSymptons is your arraylist, an object in Java, but when you work with webservices you need to expose this object in a more commom format, you have to choose between JSON, XML or other format. –  melanke Apr 19 '12 at 18:05

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