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When I paste a URL into the "What should your network know?" box (similar to the Facebook's status box), it pulls data from my site, and populates a box below with a Title, URL, an a bit of text.

The text it's pulling, though, is from my right rail of events, not the main article.

Is there a way to specify or let it know what info you think it should pull?

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LinkedIn also supports a subset of the Open Graph tags used by Facebook to provide metadata about the page. This is documented here: https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/setting-display-tags-shares

Note, however, that the LinkedIn scraper caches page data when a page is shared. It is supposed to re-scrape pages every week to look for more information beyond what's in the cache, but the re-scraping is not currently (as of late April 2012) working correctly - this means you need to change the page name or try cache-busting with fake query parameters to get it to re-read your page.

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It appears to pull the title from an <h1> on the page.

Originally it was pulling from the last <h1> on the page - when I removed that, it retrieved the title from the first <h1> on the page.

Neither of those were correct, so I continued removing <h1> tags until the only one left was the actual title of the article (which is how it should have been anyway), and it worked.

After this change, it pulled the correct title AND text (the first bit of text not wrapped in a header tag immediately following my <h1> article title).

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